The kids around us in Nicaragua are growing up without learning life’s most important lessons.
Many are often overlooked and do not have enough guidance from loving adults to excel in education, faith, or relationships. Material poverty is a big factor in this; it doesn’t make people into bad parents, but it can add enough daily pressure on adults that investing in children’s futures feels unrealistic.
Regardless of the reason, what will be the future of kids who enter adulthood with little guidance? Will they be better equipped to guide their own children?
We seek to give kids the tools they need to grow closer to Christ and build a brighter future. Every step of this is accomplished through time spent with adults who build them up, develop their strengths, and love them.
You can change the future of a child (or many children) by providing them access to discipleship & development work with our team of mentors!


Give where it’s needed most

Give to the heart of the ministry, where finances are directed to every expense according to…

Give where it’s needed most

Give to the heart of the ministry, where finances are directed to every expense according to its priority. The better this is funded, the more we can focus our time and attention on ministry and the more we can plan for future growth. Our Central Fund supports the behind-the-scenes structure that gives strength and direction to direct ministry work, and it also provides for the more visible costs of that work.

It allows us to pay a fair wage to our quality Nica staff, save time &amp assist others through using local services, and have a clean, spacious, and safe building to disciple and develop hundreds of kids every single week.

Your donation to our Central Fund supports everything we do!

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