Our Mission:

To equip underprivileged children and youth to grow in their relationship with Christ and improve their quality of life through biblical discipleship, intellectual development, and vocational training. We hope to facilitate lasting and replicating change in kids and youth, teaching them to be loving, wise, and capable leaders.

Biblical Discipleship

Through large-group worship services, small-group teaching, and guided leadership opportunities, we give kids and youth the chance to know Christ for themselves and connect with the larger body of believers.

Intellectual Development

Our team supplements public education through helping develop students’ minds. Through counseling, games, and classes in music, computer skills, and sports, students grow in confidence, discipline, creativity, and critical thinking.

Vocational Training

To help families’ financial security both now and in the future, we offer a variety of classes to develop job skills that increase individuals’ ability to find jobs and support themselves.

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