Sponsoring a child greatly increases how far they will go in their education! They will be provided with regular school supplies, special medical help, and the confidence of knowing that you care about what happens to him or her.

Each of the children below are currently unsponsored and are part of our after-school program. While they already receive help with their homework and some counseling, the extra help your sponsorship provides makes it at least twice as likely they will stay in school each year. Click on a picture of a child below to learn more about him or her.

If choosing a specific child is difficult for you, click the button below, and we will match you with a child (or with children) who would benefit the most from sponsorship.

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We are experiencing problems with the software that displays the children available to sponsor. Please contact us at sponsor@obointernational.com if you need information or to make changes to your account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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