Counseling and clinical psychology.

       Giving personalized counseling and help too children and families, that otherwise would normally not engage or participate in, because of societal norms and or expenses. Has been something that we found that creates a long lasting impact, and gives children and their families tools to overcome learning problems, hurts, abuses, and traumas. Unfortunately the idea of psychological care and counseling is something that for many years has been taboo and counterculture to a large swath of Nicaraguan Society.

   This is Tanya Rocha. She is our in-house licensed psychologist, Tanya devoted her life bettering the lives of the people around here. She has been working with One by One since 2022 and has become a valuable member of our team. Tanya works in conjunction with each sponsored child’s teachers and parents to make sure that kids grow in an environment that allows them to flourish and not fall into generational or systemic problems.

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