10 is a special number for us right now since we’re celebrating 10 years of ministry! Here are our top 10 highlights from our first year (2009) in chronological order:

1. Jeremy & Jessica Havlin, Dan Quigley, and Katie Loos (now Lozano) arrive in Nicaragua with a lot of excitement and a lot of supplies to start One by One. (January)

2. Brian Loos visits and brings about half of our sound equipment that was donated or purchased with donations. With the exception of some cables and microphones, all of our sound equipment is still working today! (March)

3. Art LeBret visits and helps Dan build a table to serve future refreshments. (March)

4. Verbo Church in Managua lets us use their facilities in their off hours. This is why our kids’ worship service began on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Thank you, Verbo! (May)

5. We have our first kids’ worship service. (May)

6. Verbo Church moves into a larger building a few blocks away. We rent their now-vacant facility at a really reasonable price (thank you, Ms. Castellon!). Even today when we give directions to our building, we sometimes people that it’s “where Verbo used to be.” (June)

7. Discover Church visits and paints the inside of our building an exciting bright green, along with doing some maintenance and ministry projects. (July)

8. We have our first youth worship service. (September)

9. We get a few desks and 33,000 pieces of candy donated, allowing us to accommodate more staff and give a small treat to kids after service for a LONG time. (October)

10. Chase and Julie Russell arrive in Nicaragua to lead the children’s outreach program. (November)


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