Since we’re celebrating 10 years of ministry, here are our top 10 highlights from our second year (2010) in chronological order:

1. Ileana O’Neill joins our staff as youth pastor. (January)

2. We began visiting kids at their houses and handing out invitations to our kids’ service in person. This allowed us to begin building relationships with families. (February)

3. Tracy Russell and Dave Ruff visited and converted an outdoor area into an indoor closet; it has since been upscaled into two office spaces. (March)

4. Wildwood sent their first team down, and they painted our offices. (June)

5. Woodcreek Church sent their first team to One by One, and they helped us host a big summer camp event as well as bringing down new ministry shirts, a video camera, and some tools. (June)

6. Paul Fazio moved down to become our Teams & Internships Director (July)

7. A local high school student started volunteering to complete a class requirement. He ended up coming to faith, getting baptized, and serving faithfully and sacrificially for many years.

8. Discover Church came down and painted the outside of our building, taking it from a drab yellow to a bright green and purple. The colors have remained more or less the same, and it makes our building something of an easy-to-find landmark (but still “where Verbo used to be”). (August)

9. We begin seeing some small changes in our youth and increases in our relationships with people shown through people returning stolen items and looking out for our belongings and reputation. (August)

10. We begin working with our most at-risk kids to help with homework and development. The initial hope was to have a refuge home for them, but it instead grew into our current after-school program. The girl pictured here would likely not have finished the 6th grade on her own. She is starting college this coming January!


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