We sadly don’t know yet when we’ll be able to receive teams again due to covid-19. We’ll update this page when we believe that hosting you and your group will be at an acceptably low risk. In the meantime, you can read the information below to see if it will fit your needs in the future, and you can contact us if you have a special situation. Thanks for your understanding

Serve Short-Term: Teams

Want to bring a group down to Nicaragua for a service or vision trip?

Whether your team wants to serve with us or simply visit to get a broader vision for how God works in other cultures and contexts, we welcome you! We’ll work with you and local ministry leaders to figure out how to shape the week both to fit your needs as well as to further our active programs at One by One.

Read more about the Short-Term Team process below!


Service and vision trips typically include three elements—ministry involvement, construction & maintenance projects, and cultural understanding—but you may decide which of the three you would like to be the primary focus of your trip.

Ministry Involvement

A team focusing on ministry involvement will work alongside our staff in our outreach and development programs. This might include helping coordinate large-group activities, performing dramas or puppet shows, sharing testimonies, helping lead field trips, teaching special skills, or delivering Bible lessons. We’ll communicate with you before your trip so that together we can figure out how to utilize your team’s skills to reach new kids or to add another layer of excitement, variety, and learning for those already involved in our programs.

Construction & Maintenance Projects

One by One rents a large building where most of our ministry outreach takes place during the week. We often need help with a number of work projects that aid in the upkeep of this facility. Projects for your team will be determined by your team’s skill set and One by One’s current needs but can include painting, remodeling/improving church facilities, electrical work, sorting and organizing donated items, making props for outreach events, etc. We usually have construction & maintenance projects available for all different levels of skill.

Cultural Understanding

One by One works with and trains local leaders of kids and youth outreach programs in several churches and facilities here in Nicaragua. Every church is different and has different ways of preaching the gospel, and we are continually reminded that there is diversity among the members of the body of Christ! We love it when others gain new perspectives through interacting with those who are different from them, so if you would like to get to know the nation and culture of Nicaragua more deeply—as well as work with people of different denominations, backgrounds, and ideas—we would be pleased to be of service!


The average cost per person for a week-long trip is $550 to $600 USD, but that can vary depending on length of stay, location of housing, and the projects and programs that your team does. Your cost will be finalized months before arrival and will be based on the scheduled activities you’ve requested.

What’s included:

  • Housing
  • Meals while in Nicaragua
  • Transportation in Nicaragua
  • Basic work project costs
  • Special ministry event costs
  • Donation to One by One
  • Costs for free day

What’s not included:

  • Airfare
  • Translators (if needed)
  • Food while traveling to/from Nicaragua
  • Souvenirs

Because One by One is funded solely by generous monthly supporters, we ask short-term teams to fund their own projects while in Nicaragua. This includes any costs for building and / or outreach programs.

Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission

SOE Associate Member Logo_300x300

One by One is a proud Associate Member of SOE: Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions, an organization that promotes excellence and authentic ministry in all aspects of short-term missions.

The Seven Standards:

  1. God-Centeredness. An excellent short-term mission seeks first God’s glory and his kingdom.
  2. Empowering Partnerships. An excellent short-term mission establishes healthy, interdependent, on-going relationships between sending and receiving partners.
  3. Mutual Design. An excellent short-term mission collaboratively plans each specific outreach for the benefit of all participants.
  4. Comprehensive Administration. An excellent short-term mission exhibits integrity through reliable set-up and thorough administration for all participants.
  5. Qualified Leadership. An excellent short-term mission screens, trains, and develops capable leadership for all participants.
  6. Appropriate Training. An excellent short-term mission prepares and equips all participants for the mutually designed outreach.
  7. Thorough Follow-Through. An excellent short-term mission assures evaluation, debriefing and appropriate follow-through for all participants.

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