Arnoldo leads a game at youth
Now I have a new life, I forgave my dad, and my relationship with my mom...
Are you grieving or feeling drained? I know I am. This year has wrecked health and hopes, and world events have dismayed and divided us. Rarely have so many of us felt such need for ánimo. Ánimo is a Spanish word rich in meaning: it’s hope, it’s strength of will, it’s bright eyes, it’s courage, […]
We resumed in-person ministry again in September, and we’re really excited about it! To protect our kids and staff, we’ve made some significant changes. We’ve shortened how long kids are in the building, we’ve eliminated the times of indoor free-play, and we’re requiring masks, handwashing, and social distancing. In our main, multi-purpose room, we’ve chalked […]
One by One suspended all in-person activities several weeks ago due to the threat of Covid-19.  We are daily in prayer for the kids and youth, and we keep up with them through various forms of electronic communication (hear more about that in a 2-minute video here). Until we have a better idea of the risk […]
 Office hours are now back to normal and all programs begin officially in February, but boy did we have fun in December celebrating Christmas and milestones in the lives of our young-ones.  The above picture was taken during worship time at the Niños de Vida Christmas party. The youth also had a fantastic Christmas bash. […]
Diana Lozano
As One by One celebrates 10 years of ministry, we’re reflecting on some of the larger lessons that God has taught us through serving. The first thing I’ve learned from serving at One by One is to live by Faith, believing always in a God who backs our steps of Faith. Especially through being an […]
Being introduced to One by One was an answer to my prayers. I had been working with other ministries in Nicaragua since 2011, but by fall of 2015 needed a more stable connection. A friend of mine suggested that I check out the website (Commission to Every Nation) to see what other...
One of the things missions work has taught me is that we serve a God for whom language barriers are no hindrance. As a Mission’s Team Coordinator with One by One, I get to observe native US-English speakers and native Nicaraguan-Spanish speakers attempt to communicate with one another. That might sound like a potential disaster, […]
Dan Quigley
There once was a time that I held my head high because I believed myself to be a self-made man. Yet through the...
Being at One by One has been a great blessing in my life; more than just coworkers, I consider the staff my friends and family...
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