Dan Quigley

On Staff since 2009

Dan was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He started his working career in a family tile business, and later owned his own business laying tile in Greenville, SC until he became of the founding members of One by One.

Dan brings a lot of creativity and heart to the ministry, and in his first couple of years at One by One he made several ministry videos and played the role of nearly every character in the kids’ program. He also has served as the facility maintenance man and occasional bus driver. He currently serves as One by One’s Executive Director.

You can support Dan through his sending agency CTEN.

Emelina Araúz

On staff since 2011

Emelina is a clinical psychologist and the director of the Child Sponsorship Program (Paso a Paso). She and her husband Kidderleng Sotelo have two precious boys: Fares and Eliaquim.

She became a Christian when she was 8 years old, and she believes that children need to know the Lord and believe that He loves them and can guide them into adulthood.

You can support Nicaraguan staff by donating to One by One’s Central Fund, which salaries all Nicaraguan staff members.

Kidderleng Sotelo

On staff since 2012

Kidderleng was born in Boaco, Nicaragua and received Christ at 19. He is married to Emelina Arauz, and together they have two children: Fares and Eliaquim. Kidderleng is a licensed Veterinarian Zoo Technician, and although he has worked in this field, he felt God direct his heart toward service with One by One.

He has served as the director of our church partnership program, working with local churches and organizations to help improve outreach to children and youth, but is now the children’s director at One by One.

You can support Nicaraguan staff by donating to One by One’s Central Fund, which salaries all Nicaraguan staff members.

Diana Lozano

On staff since 2013

Diana was born in 1978 in the middle of the Sandinista Revolution. She has four brothers (including One by One Children’s Director Yeril), and she and her husband have two daughters. Diana and her family like to serve in the children’s ministry in their church. She has been working for One by One since 2013 as our administrator. Diana’s favorite part of her job is being a good steward of what God puts in our hands.

You can support Nicaraguan staff by donating to One by One’s Central Fund, which salaries all Nicaraguan staff members.

Naomi Evers

Naomi Evers

On staff since 2016

While getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Southwest Baptist University, Naomi spent a semester abroad in Central America in 2004. This is when she was first introduced to Nicaragua, and she quickly fell in love with it. Returning in 2008 to visit the family that had hosted her—as well as to learn more about Nicaragua—she felt confirmation that God was calling her to do missions work there. This led to her forming Provider’s Servants, an organization that gives voluntary services and donations to churches and other organizations that promote Christian faith in Nicaragua.

She now works for One by One as the Short-Term Teams & Interns Director.

You can support Naomi through her sending agency CTEN.

Stateside staff

Katie Lozano

On staff since 2008

Katie has a BS in Management Information Systems from Minnesota State University, Mankato. While at college she came to know the Lord, and shortly afterwards felt called into full-time missions. As a founding member of One by One, she moved to Nicaragua in 2009. Katie served as children’s director, after-school program director, and finally executive director until 2018. She now serves both as a financial administrator and the Board Treasurer.

She and her husband Yeril (who she met through One by One) live with their two children in South Carolina.

You can support Katie through her sending agency CMN.

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